Preparation workshop for aspiring programmers

write your first computer program, avoid common mistakes and find perfect learning material

Are you planning to learn how to code?

Before you start, you must know that the right guidance will set you up for success from the very beginning.

Get instant access to this free online workshop to avoid common mistakes which can dramatically slow your progress down. After 1 hour with me you’ll be able to choose the learning path that best suits your needs. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to write your first computer program in 15 minutes using an internet browser.
  • What programming language you should choose.
  • How to find a quality resource which teaches beginners how to code – you’ll know what to look for!
  • What is the secret to standing out in the crowd of junior developers when looking for a job.
  • Common programming slang – decoding language that programmers use everyday.
  • 3 cool things you can build using Python programming language.
  • Q&A – experienced software engineer will answer all your questions.

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Who am I?

Hi again! I’m Mateusz and I spent 4 years studying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering learning about pumps, gears, millers, pistons…I’m boring myself just writing about that. Somewhere along the way I started learning programming and fell in love with it immediately. Since then I failed and succeeded at many job interviews, was mentored and mentored myself, took part in the recruitment processes, met great coders, built life-changing (and shitty) products and all of that while having fun and being well compensated. I would love for you to experience it yourself, teach you as much as I can about IT and push you just a little bit harder when you’re about to give up. Feel free to check my experience even more on LinkedIn, my personal blog, Medium and GitHub.

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…or jump straight into learning programming with me 🙂